Thursday, 7 July 2011

Meet the Marketing Manager

Kirsty's Blog
Recent Happenings at HANDS ON Headquarters

Hello readers. I am Kirsty, and I am the Marketing Manager for HANDS ON. Unlike Perry, I haven't been in the film/TV/theatre industry for thirty years... in fact, I am relatively new to all this. However, I thought I would share my insights into the crazy world of hiring out guns, ordering bespoke swords, rigging up comedians and rugby teams and meeting the people behind some weird and wonderful projects.

Lately we have met some lovely people working hard on amazing stuff. Had a nice chat with the guys at Kilbarchan East Drama Group who tapped into our now-famous Steamie knowledge when they put on the production in June. They had made the whole set from scratch, including working sinks and authentic looking bottles o' ginger. Good effort (view some photos of their work here.)

When I am not chatting away to customers, my day job includes updating the website, designing and sending out the e-flyers and keeping our social media up to date (on Twitter and Facebook.) I am learning a lot about using Adobe Flash in order to create more interactive web content for our customers. My favourite project so far has been letting Albert the Knight - our suit of armour - spread his interesting facts, HANDS ON musings and hilarious Middle Ages jokes with our customers through his Facebook page

I spent yesterday helping Perry (our Technical Director and the source of all the interesting stories in this Blog) catalogue all of his live firearms. We have loads... and I am pleased to report that I can now tell the difference between a Moisin Nagant, a Luger and a Beretta. Sort of. These are the guns which can only go out on hire if Perry (an armourer) goes out with them, so they are mainly for film and TV use. He must have some good stories about who has handled his weapons....

At the moment I am working on a lot of events-related marketing material. We want to let everyone know - especially venues - that they can work with us on events and weddings to create something really unique and memorable. An e-flyer to Fringe venues and wedding venues is coming soon, as well as some adverts and meetings. Tell everyone you know! (Also, DON'T BUY CHEAP GAFFER TAPE! As my mum always says, if you buy cheap you buy twice!) 

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