Friday, 20 May 2011

Great Scottish Films

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Great Scottish Films

The British film industry is alive and well – and can be found thriving in Scotland. The proof, if proof is needed, can be found in the form of three excellent films released this year by Scottish filmmakers… and they are already doing rather nicely, thank you very much. HANDS ON were fortunate to be involved in all three: the rom-com Fast Romance, the horror film Blooded and Ewan McGregor’s latest, Perfect Sense.

Perfect Sense stars Ewan McGregor as Michael, who falls in love with Susan, played by Eva Green. Their romance blossoms amid a global pandemic which gradually robs people of their senses. A scary but hopeful movie, with HANDS ON weapons adding to the tension.

Bodily functions provides a tenuous link to the second film, Blooded. Here we see five young people being chased through the Highlands and shot at by an extreme animal rights group... with the tagline “If you hunt, you’re fair game.” The film was released on DVD in April, and has received excellent reviews. I provided the bullet hits, weapons and other special effects. I was also responsible for hanging the lead actress upside down during a torture scene – the things I have to do!

Finally, to something more cheerful: the third film we assisted with, Fast Romance. Directed by Carter Ferguson, this is a feel-good movie set in Glasgow following the love (and speed-dating) adventures of seven people. Due for theatrical release on July 1st 2011, it will showcase at the Edinburgh Film Festival along with Perfect Sense. (More info.) We once more provided weapons and general technical advice – and we can’t wait to see the finished result.

This month, MovieScope magazine is extolling the virtues of filming in Scotland and using Scottish locations, crew and facilities - it is so true. And I can’t wait to get involved in the next batch of projects which come along. 

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